What is Prestressing?

Post-tensioning is a method of reinforcing (strengthening) concrete or other materials with high-strength steel strands or bars, typically referred to as tendons. In many cases, post tensioning allows construction that would otherwise be impossible due to either site constraints or architectural requirements.

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APS Group has access to the most advanced construction technologies in the world and provides Prestressing & Post Tensioning consultations to it’s clients. APS Group was one of the main founders of Post Tensioning Institute of Australia (Ptia) and complies it’s projects with all Ptia Design, Construction, Supervision, Quality and Safety regulations.

Leading the Construction Industry

APS Group incorporated in 1982 in Sydney/Australia. With more than 40 years of experiences, we have steadily grown into one of the leading specialist Post Tensioned concrete contractors in the world. APS has branch offices covering Australia, Middle East and Asia and has a proud reputation of excellence in expertise and professionalism with a good track record of completing an ever growing list of high profile civil and structural projects.

Selected Projects

Niatous Residential Complex
  • Area: 70,000 sqm
  • Number Of Floors: 31 Floors

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Zafaranieh Laleh Residential
  • Area: 6,000 sqm
  • Number Of Floors: 15 Floors

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Niavaran Residential Tower
  • Area: 22,000 sqm
  • Number Of Floors: 17 Floors

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Bamland Restaurant Project
  • Area: 1,200 sqm
  • Number Of Floors: 4 Floors

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Qeytariyeh Residential Tower
  • Area: 2,300 sqm
  • Number Of Floors: 9 Floors

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Velenjak Commercial Tower
  • Area: 45,000 sqm
  • Number Of Floors: 25 Floors

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Pardis Bridges Beams
  • Total Prestressing material weight: 360 tons
  • Beams length: 35m to 42m

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