Aps Systems

Bonded System

APS Bonded system are mostly used in Residential, Administrative, Parking, Hospital, Hotel, Banks and Commercial building slabs. The new APS Block wedge system includes 3, 4 or 5 Strands in each tendon, which offers a cost effective and program friendly structural solution for medium to long span structures. This system could save up to 30% of normal concrete and reinforcements in concrete structures and provided crack free structures and more safety in comparison to the Un Bonded system in concrete structures.

The Bonded system is recommended for warm and hot areas like Iran, Persian Gulf and the Middle East.

Un Bonded System

APS Un Bonded system are used in Residential, Parking, Administrative and Commercial buildings but it is mostly used in Bridges, Civil Infrastructures, Industrial pavements, Raft Foundations and Reservoir tanks. The APS Un bonded system could be slightly cheaper than the Bonded system but it has some restrictions in different geographical locations.

The Un Bonded system is recommended for Civil and Infrastructure structures like Bridges, Tanks and Dams.

Multi Strand System

The APS Multi Strand system is designed to accommodate from 1 to 48 strands of 12.7mm diameter or 1 to 42 strands of 15.2 dia. achieving up to 10,000 KN (1,000 tonnes) of breaking load. Cables are stressed with all strands pulled simultaneously. Anchorages use a self seating wedge system in a machined anchor head.

Cables can be stage stressed in stages, re-stressed or coupled as required. APS provides both a Bonded and Un Bonded multi strand system depending on specified application requirements.