Structural Design

APS Group has well experiences in Civil and Construction Pre Tension and Post Tension structure designs. With over 30 years of experiences in the industry and by using Australian, Iranian and international P.T professional designers, APS has the capability to deliver it’s projects with the highest design qualities and comparable to local Iranian and international design standards.

Designers can utilize the advantage of the compressive strength of concrete while circumventing its inherent weakness in tension.

Post-tensioned concrete combines and optimizes today’s very high strength concrete and steel to result in a practical and efficient structural system. A lighter more efficient structure can be achieved as slab thickness is reduced with Post-tensioned slab systems.

APS Group provided innovative design solutions in it’s designs such as:

More Building spaces

Saving Construction Materials

Reducing Construction Cost

Reducing Construction Time

APS design group is capable to comply it’s Post-tensioned designs with the following international design standards:

ACI – (American Concrete Institute)

AS 1311 – Australian Standard

BS 4447 – British Standard

European Standard

APS design group will provide usually the following documents and drawings:

Concrete Profile Plans.

Bottom Reinforcement Plans.

Top Reinforcement Plans.

Post-Tension Plans.

Sections and Detailings.