Australian Prestressing Services Water Storage Reservoir System provides a cost effective and durable concrete water storage solution. Reservoir capacity from 2 Mega Litre to 60ML can be designed and constructed on the most difficult of sites.

APS can also design, supply and install associated pipework necessary for any individual reservoir. Floor slabs are monolithic with ground beams and eliminates floor joints. The walls can be cast on site or delivered from precast facilities. Roofing of concrete, steel or aluminum are available as per design, budget or as per the requirements.

The precast post-tensioned reservoir copes with all climate conditions. The reservoir can be constructed in-ground or above ground hidden within hills and trees. Water tightness and durability is ensured with the high compressive strength built into the concrete wall during construction.

Some projects completed by APS include:

  • 2ML Fernvale » QLD/Australia
  • 5ML Echuca » VIC/Australia
  • 5ML Tumut » NSW/Australia
  • 12ML Murwillumbah » NSW/Australia
  • 40ML Sydney Desalination Project » NSW/Australia